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Criptocurrency and cibercrimen

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After the first entrance on this blog related to criptocurrencies, today it is time to write about the relatioship between criptocurrncies and cibercrime, because they are so different but so close. Why? Because cibercriminals ask for criptocurrencies as a form of payments, Bitcoins mainly. Criptocurrencies are  ‘on fire’ Yes, criptocurrencies (especially BitCoin) are closely linked to cybercriminal actions, since in many cases, the ransoms that are requested are in cyber-currency. This has several effects, such as the “publicity” of virtual currencies, outside the legal course, and which has the governments…read more

My configuration for

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This is not the first time I write about text editors, but a few months ago I started to used and I also try both in Windows and Linux and I am satisfied with it (I also tried Brackets (in spanish)). Today I want to share with my readers the configuration I have for Atom, the plugins I use, and to end with, I wrote a script with everything I use that I’ve been updating during this time: just run and have fun!! is not a new editor,…read more

ReactJS tools

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A long ago, I wrote an entrance about ReactJS and what it is, and in a second entrance, I wrote how to create the first components. In this third entrance, it is time to go further and start working with tools for using React, and later on, use JSXTransformer. ReactJS tools No matter if you are working with Firefox or Chrome, there are tools for both for debugging code with React. The official repo is on GitHub And for Chrome: Let’s focus on the last version done, first4.htm, to…read more

First contact with ReactJS

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In a past entrance, I wrote about a ReactJS talk I went, and now, it is time to put some code on what I learnt there. A second step After a initial code, the best thing you can do is to order your files, and not to mix Javascript with HTML or CSS. The Javascript code will be extract into a jsx file, but the way of using this file is by especifying the type=”text/jsx”. You’ll get the same result. The next step Next step, step 3, is writting a…read more

Export your data from Endomondo

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I started to run for more than two years now, once or twice a week, and although at the beginning I didn’t use any app for register my activities, I began to do ir with Endomondo app, the app that I like the most for that, and specially for their statistics. Now I don’t use it for registering my activity because I am now using a GPS watch. Although Endomondo is a great app, maybe you are interested in collecting your data. I remark your data because you should verify…read more

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