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First contact with ReactJS

Posted by in Javascript and TypeScript

In a past entrance, I wrote about a ReactJS talk I went, and now, it is time to put some code on what I learnt there. A second step After a initial code, the best thing you can do is to order your files, and not to mix Javascript with HTML or CSS. The Javascript code will be extract into a jsx file, but the way of using this file is by especifying the type=”text/jsx”. You’ll get the same result. The next step Next step, step 3, is writting a…read more

Export your data from Endomondo

Posted by in Python

I started to run for more than two years now, once or twice a week, and although at the beginning I didn’t use any app for register my activities, I began to do ir with Endomondo app, the app that I like the most for that, and specially for their statistics. Now I don’t use it for registering my activity because I am now using a GPS watch. Although Endomondo is a great app, maybe you are interested in collecting your data. I remark your data because you should verify…read more

Criptomoney. Economy for the XXI century.

Posted by in News

This blog is active for a few years now, and I never wrote any word related to criptocurrency. Now it is time to do it because everybody is talking about the virtual. I have spent a few weeks investigating, reading and watching videos of this topic, and why not, maybe I would invest in them. The most famous coin is BitCoin, who is being used since 2009, and it is also commonly used in the cibercrimen world. But there are more, like Ethereum, or even OTX octanox (a new coin…read more

Moving from Python 2 to Python 3

Posted by in Python

Long ago, I wrote an entrance related to how to install Python 2 and Python 3 on the same Windows machine. But … Are those changes so important that both versions have compatibility problems? The answer is yes. A change in the print statement print “hola” from Python 2.x is noew print(“Hola”) in Python 3.x. as a matter of fact, there is some incompatibilities. In order to help you when migrating, the web can help you a lot, where you can read the best way to migrate to version…read more

Developing with TypeScript 2.x

Posted by in Javascript and TypeScript

I am back with TypeScript, and as you might know, it is one of my favorites languages (Javascript is the one that I hate the most). Although I wrote several entrances related to the basic (and not so basic) of this language, including CATS, an IDE written in TypeScript, I wrote also how to include jQuery, Bootstrap, and I even show you what my template looks like. Time has passed by, and I keep on refreshing my knowledge on TypeScript, focus on new versions. As you can imegine, all previous…read more

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