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Codelobster PHP Edition

Posted by in Programming

The other day, I found a new IDE for working with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor that I would like you to try: Codelobster PHP edition. Although it is focus on PHP, I decided to give it a try for working with HTML, CSS and Javascript (everybody knows I prefer TypeScript, and I hope that after this review, Codelobster encaurage to create a TypeScript plugin!!). Codelobster PHP Edition For valuable work on creation of sites you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many requiring paid products for this…read more

I warned you: data is not yours, although you created it

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If you are a developer, no matter what you do and you are one of those devs that use cloud services such as GitHub, GitLab, etc, etc, …. last 1st Febrary you could hear the news that GitLab deleted by error a bunch amount of Gigas, and backups failed (not all, but some of them). I must admit that although the incident is serious, GitLab has been transparent with the issue, and it has been informed in every moment of the real situation, with their clients in mind, something that…read more

From Ubuntu to Lubuntu

Posted by in Operating Systems

after a few months without using Linux, I have a proposal for giving a new life to an old laptop (about 10 years or so). Although I tried to install Ubuntu, there were things I really didn’t like nor convince me, and the performance seemed not so good. So, I asked several experts about what distro to try under this conditions: Lubuntu is the anser! Ubuntu The main fact for changing from Ubuntu to Lubuntu is based on my own sensations … such as, this machine can performance better, or…read more

Challenges for 2017

Posted by in Databases

Happy christmas and a happy new year 2017!!!! It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote challenges for 2016, but the year is ending, so let’s see what I have done, and how was the challenge for 2016. Challenges done in 2016 No doubt, 2016 has been a year where I have written a lot about privacy and data, I try to show to my readers how important is their data, and the consecuences of it. Big Internet companies have no doubt of doing everything for getting data. I…read more

Web development by Facebook: ReactJS

Posted by in Javascript and TypeScript

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to assist to @coSfera to a talk given by @javivelasco related to ReactJS, a library to build user interfaces, perfect for front-end developers. The ReactJS talk Before continue, I must say that the talk about ReactJS given by Javier Velasco ends to convince me about the use of new technologies becuase they are though to make things easy, well, although once toy invest some time in increasing your skills and the knowledge. The talk was desinged to share the filosophy of ReactJS,…read more

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