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Developing with TypeScript 2.x

Posted by in Javascript and TypeScript

I am back with TypeScript, and as you might know, it is one of my favorites languages (Javascript is the one that I hate the most). Although I wrote several entrances related to the basic (and not so basic) of this language, including CATS, an IDE written in TypeScript, I wrote also how to include jQuery, Bootstrap, and I even show you what my template looks like. Time has passed by, and I keep on refreshing my knowledge on TypeScript, focus on new versions. As you can imegine, all previous…read more

Trying Django, part 3

Posted by in Frameworks, Python

Part 3 of the framework Django (here you have part 1, and part 2), after preparing a virtual environment, download Django and created the app and the super user that allow you access to the back end of the app. Today’s tras preparar el entorno virtual, descargar django y crear la aplicación y el super usuario para disponer de acceso al backend. Hoy conocemos un poco mejor los archivos que se han generado en el proyecto, que son: This file is empty, but it’s the one that allow yo…read more

Trying Django, part 2

Posted by in Python

Second part of Trying Django, a Python framework for web development. Here you have part 1, where we created a virtual environment and also downloaded the django package. Because you need to activate the environment several times while developing, I have created a script file under MS-DOS to make this task easy. This is the script code running: : Si por casualidad has instalado o tienes instalada django, pero no te acuerdas de la versión, sólo tienes que escribir python -m django –version para ver qué versión tienes instalada, tal…read more

Trying Django, another Python framework for web developement

Posted by in Python

This entrance is related to Django, a Python framework for web development, and I am learning it from a free Udemy course (in spanish) called Probar Django. This framework is completly different to Flask (the other framework I already wrote about it). Back to Django, you have more information in the offical Django web page. Creating a virtual environment (virtualenv) in Python I have no doubt about it, and it is recommend it, but I never do it: create an isolate envorinment for development. In Python, environments are for isolating…read more

Cliqz, a browser to control privacity

Posted by in News

If you are worried for wour privacity and you keep on going with Chrome or Firefox, today’s entrnace is dedicated to a new alternative named Cliqz, a browser based on Firefox, who’s main feature is: my data belongs to me Yes, I have written several times related to privacity such as I warned you, data is not yours although you create them, or all for the privacy but with no privacy (in spanish). I had no doubt: knowing the existence of this browser made me feel good becuase there is…read more

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