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Manejando datos, What “Data management” is about

Welcome, every body!.

In this blog that startedin July 2013 in spanish, now in english, I would like to talk about the technologies I use to work with, and they are related to databases, programming solutions and tips, courses, … everything related to databases and software development.

I have no preference for working with web or desktop software, because i work with both of them, but always dealing with databases.

Related to desktop software, my favorite language is VB6, although I move to C#, and now I am starting with  Python (well, forced by the circunstances!). I will talk also about VBA Excel, because a lot of work it’s done inside Excel!!

Under web programming, I like developing with Classic ASP. In theory, it’s obsolete, but I think it’s not completely true. Of course, I will talk also about HTML5, CSS and Javascript including jQuery!

The database I feel more confortable working with is MySQL, although more of the topics cover can be applied to other databases such as MariaDB, or even Microsoft Access or SQLite.

I hope you have fun!

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