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Introducing Python


As I told you in a previous post, Python should be included in my skill’s list, sooner or later. A few years ago, I tried to learn it, but I did not have interest neigher circunstancer force me to do it, or I tried but I quit.

Now, everuthong is different, and circunstances “force me” to learn it, pushed by Microsoft’s decision of “killing” VBA and VB6 (here you have my post in spanish: la decisión de Microsoft de “eliminar a toda costa” a VBA). Now I started a project within ArcGIS 10 , and programming in Python is compulsory.

Python is a powerful and funny programming language.

Courses and Interface Development Environment

Obviously, I started two courses at CodeAcademy and a MongoDB course, at 10gen, where Python is the

main character, as I wrote here (Free Python courses). I will tell you as well about a course about Python I am following, and I must recomend!

I must admit that using a good IDE, such as PyScripter, allows the student (in this case, me) of gaining more and more Python skills. I still ahve a lot to learn, specially about clases, libraries, and of course, those little tricks that ease everything.

As a conclusion, learning Python is able to every body, and resources are everywhere,, most of them free. So I encourage you to learn it, and if you already know it, tell my readers your point of view!

Have a nice day!

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