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UIKit, another UI option for building Websites

We have reviewed several frameworks for builder websites here, in as angujarJS and Twitter Bootstrap, but they are not the only one, at least, if you’re looking for modern frameworks that helps you to improve the visual aspect of a website. Personally, I use KendoUI and jQueryUI.

Reading my TL on Twitter, I meet a new framework, and it’s the main actor of today post. It’s UIkit, a collection of components and styles, based of Javascript y jQuery.

The mayority of these components are CSS based, so processing speed is a positive feature of this framework. You can download it here:

I haven’t tried yet, but i like a lot, specially the notify element and the cool “cart” effect, to change on one place between two elements!

The alternativo of using the colorPicker from UIkit is also very attractive and easy to use. I had never use in none of my projects, but it’s good to know it!

UIkit is nos a replacer for other projects like TB, jQueryUI,  … but you can use it with them, allowing the developer to choose between more options, and that’s good! Another interesting point is the 48Kb of the project, very light!!.

I can see that the project seem to be “frozen” for a while, so I cann’t see if there will be more improvements and bug corrections. I tell you the project and it’s up to you tu use it!

NOTE: You can see a very good examples here To end with, I encaurage you to visit this website where there are several tutorials for web development!

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