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Firefox OS needs time

Firefox OS

I already showed you how to start #FirefoxOS on Firefox, and a few more things, but the truth is that Mozilla need more time, and in mi opinion, something that is completly fundamental:

No one should launch a new operating system without thinking in developers!

Trying to find more, I found a very critic post about what Mozilla, Firefox, y Firefox OS should avoid: Básicaly, it calls the attention to the wrong strategy suffered by others no one can admit.

Although I invested a few days trying to figure out how to build a simple app for newbies, I couldn’t get a good one. All you can find is segments of code, but never a complet app (with all archives). Well, maybe I must think I am not very good “googling”!

Another action taken by me was to subscribe to the Firefox Os group on LinkedIn, but …. there was no debate yet! Bad start, I though. Now, you can see a few debates, so … something is moving on!!

A very interesting project

I wouldn’t talk bout Firefox OS if it weren’t an interesting project. But actually, it is, and now you can buy devices, from ZTE (it was the first, but now there are a few companies),  and also Movistar is pushing hard in this way! Good for them!

My personal vision

If a web is optimized for mobiles (responsive design), it’s also good implemented by Firefox OS (just the URL is enought to have an app on Firefox OS (hosted apps). This is not new!

I think the coolest feature Firefox OS must have is packaged apps. (like .apk on Android), and of course, the use of API to play with camera, make photos, ….. As the title says, Firefox Os needs time, but I like it!

And you … have you tried yet?

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