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Install common_schema on MySQL – MariaDB

common schema

September 2013 has been the #MySQL month on, and I have talked about install, uninstall, backups, configuration files, fixing error 1067, … If you don’t remember, at the beginning of this blog I wrote about DBA frameworks for MySQL (also for #MariaDB). Today I write about how to install it.

Install Commom schema

Common schema is an utility framework for DBA and programmers for MySQL and MariaDB, created by Shlomi Noach. Now I will start a few post showing you what you can do with common_schema, but first, let’s install it.

If you go to common_schema website, you can check that it’s only a sql file, and the only thing to do for installing it is loading under MySQL. Once created, you’ll see a new database called common_schema.

Loading the sql file, installing common_schame, can do it in a few ways:

  • using a visual MySQL maganer such as MySQL WorkBench or HeidiSQL, just loading the sql file into a one session, and executing it.
  • You can do it using a MS-DOS command(clic Start / Execute and write “cmd” ) mysql.exe –host=”%servidor%” –port=”3306″ –user=”user” –password=”passw” < c:path/common_schema.sql

The installating process takes about a minute or so, and you can use the “help_content” table to read what you can do with this framework!

When I first met commom_schema, it was versión 1.1. Now it’s version 2.2 and a lot of things have chenged and improved. I must say that loading a few versions gave me errors when installing, but now everything is fixed, but in case you notice some error, just email Shlomi, let him know what you’ve done and what error you got.

in the next blog post I will write about some characteristics I use, although I must admit I don’t know all.

i hope you have fun with this DBA framework, and tell me what do you use for!

Have a nice day!.

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