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Installing Python packages from source code


Although I have already writen about how to install Python packages, there are times where the only option you hava is doing it from the source code, and installing from it. Basicaly, you download the source code of a python packae you’re interested in, then unzip it on a dir, and let’s play with the file.

In this case, I want to install BeautifulSoap, an HTML/XML parser that allow the user to retrieve data from HTML and XML documents. The files of the package are:

Archivos de BeautifulSoap

Archivos de BeautifulSoap is the file that contains everything to install it. To do so, just open a MS-DOS console, and navigate to the BeautifulSoap path. Once there, just write:

python install

python install

python install

Every thing is done! And now, let’s check the I can use it under Python:

Comprobando BeautifulSoap en Python

Comprobando BeautifulSoap en Python

And … that’s all! This is another way to install Python packages, it’s more manual and we need the source code, but is as valid as the other I already show you!

Have a nice day!

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