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Upcoming features for Firefox OS

Time goes by, and FirefoxOS is starting to be more and more popular, becoming a real aternative to iOS and Android. But by now, the road is long and users (and possible new users) start to demand new features, more possibilities, more apps. I found this post here. where you can find what’s is coming to FirefoxOS.


If we talk about software, the hability to react to user is the new “key” on firefox OS, and the same to hardware as well. Although you don’t realize hardware performance is good enought to have good software performance. And that’s a reality!

Homescreen Open Search

It’s a option to search within the devide, including videos, messages, apps, songs, contects, … all from the homescreen. And if there is no results, then it will search on Internet.


At the moment, if you want to customize your homescreen, the options you have are very limited, The future is the concept behind Go Launch, on Android.

Chromecast support

A few months ago, Google starts Chromecast, a small devide similar to an USB in insert on your TV, that let you watch your multimedia content in other computer or smartphone.

RTL support

Languages that are read from right to left, as arabic, are now a mess on Firefox OS, so this is a weak point to improve!


On Android we can choose from a variety of keyboards like Swype, Hacker’s Keyboard, SwiftKey, … allowing the user new forms to introduce text on your devide. So, this alternatives are needed for fighting against Android.

To end with …

FirefoxOS is growing, improving, … and that’s good for users, but also for developers. I think this project is a reality, and everyday I like more and more! And you, do you like it?

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