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Using Big Data


On this post I would like to collect three news about using Big Data. I already wrote about Obama and its electoral victory, but today, I am going to tell you more stories.

Google is the Big Data reference

The curiosity of this story is how Google use Big Data to improve their own company, how to deal with a problem and the solutions. Google realized that their employees (googlers) ate to much M&M’s (yes, this chocolate sweet every body like it). I guess a company like Google that “store everything” won’t let that this consumptions data were analized, of course. The outcome of these data were very useful: first of all, realize high consumption of “one” specific product (M&M), second, apply a solution to solve this high consumption, just by reducing visibility, and of course, study the repercussion of each choice. The news is here:

Oracle won the America’s Cup

A few months ago, several sports newspapers were amazed because of how Oracle won American’s Cup and the incredible of this victory! I’m not a supported of this sport, so, I won’t give to much attention to the news. But after reading this Oracle Team USA Gets Big Data Wet, on, I was curious on how Big data technology affected the result.

Oracle spent 100 millons dolars to apply Big Data to bet American’s Cup, and they do it analyzing currents, winds, vectors showing where the boats were headed and where they had to end up blended seamlessly  …. and videos recorded on-board, … and so on, generating more than 300 Gigas of data per race! The technology they developed allowed them to process this data and take advantage of this on the decision process.


Today last story is related to a company called premise, a technology company building a global network to track macroeconomic and human development trends in real time. The data stored by this company come from photos of basic products, including geoposition. The goal of this company is to predict global inflation, check security monitos of fresh products, and industry price intelligence..

I hope these stories encaurage you “to squeeze” all your business data!

Have a nice day!

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