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6 months online

Manejando datos

2013 is almost over, and is now 6 months age. Today I will show you about the blog traffic, since 2nd July 2013. I have received about 10.000 visits in this 6 months (more less 55 per day).

During this 6 months I published about 150 post, mainly (75%) in spanish. Since October, I am publishing the articles also in english. The number of articles per week has decreased during last weeks, because I need more time for preparing them, but I think the time to create the two versions worth it.

PageRank 1

Since a few days ago, now I have PageRank 1:

SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking

You can observe a positive tendency, although some periods are better than others. Maybe is for the topic, or for the time investing in publishing the articles on Google+ or several forums.

Visitas en

Visitas en

The main visitors come from web sites, specially via Google+ and forums, although step by step the visitors coming from search engines is increasing slowly.



The first countries of my readers are Spain, Mexico, USA, Perú, Colombia y Argentina. Spanish public!!



Due to the technical character of the blog, a big part of my readers does on computers, instead of other devices.

Movil - Escritorio

Movil – Desktop

The most read articles have been (all are in spanish):

The articles:

Ranking de Páginas

Ranking de Páginas

A reflexión

The most read articles until now have been those that solve concrete cuestions and are highly demanded, or others in which the conten is highly elaborated, investing a huge amount of time. Due to that, I have decided to publish only two days a week since February.

I hope you enjoy the articles I am writting for the next months, where I will talk about Big Data, Python and Web development, and database cuestions. Of course, I will try to write about non-technical issues related to small and medium business, so, if you can suggest me something, just write me an email!

Thanks for reading

So, thanks for reading me blog!

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2014!

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