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First reflexion about MongoDB


This morning, on my way to my office I was thinking about how to work with MongoDB, and the truth is that I have a strange sensation about NoSQL databases. I will explain me using a similar experience with a tenis, a sport I have always played (relational databases), and a new one I am playing more and more in the last years, padel (NoSQL databases, in this case, MongoDB).

I am a tennis player since I was 9. I trained, I played competitions, …. basicaly, I now how to play and how to bet the ball. This can be applyied to relational databases. One day, a friend of my father took me to play padel for the first time (of course I lose!). The new game (padel) seems similar to tenis (and relational databases), but after receiving padel lessons, I understand that although the seems the same, they are not the same, and some adiccional training is required.

In the case of databases, …

… if you have education and skills to design, to admin and to program with relational databases, all can be used to work with NoSQL databases!

I played padel 13 years ago. Now I play frecuently (one or two per week), and I must admit I like padel as much as tennis, although the filosophy is a bit different: Similar but different! I feel the same sensations when dealing with MongoDB instead of MySQL, Access, MariaDB, SQLite, ….

Playing padel took me some time, and a new mentality, of course! And I hope to have the same feeling with NoSQL databases, like MongoDB.

Have a nice day!

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