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Interesting tools for CSS 3


CSS is one of the “languages” that I have spent less time. A small code from here, another peace of code from there, some Googling … that’s my skills with CSS. I understand the sintasix, I know the basics, but … I must admit I prefer being a backend developer!

Howwever, I use several online tools I have collected for you here::

  • cssmatic is the perfecto tool to deal with colours, borders, shadows, ….
  • If you need to play with colours, I use colorzilla. , a Firefox extension that allows you to pick up color codes, copy, paste, … Everything you need about color codes!
  • If you need to prepair gradients, a tool I use is, where you can prepare what you need and later on, copy the code to include it on your CSS file. Another good option is visual css gradient.

Having good tools is key to solve tricky problems and also to speed up your creation process!!

Another interesting project is SpinKit (, where you have several options for loading indicators ready to use in your websites!


If you are a Twitter Bootstrap fan, you can modify the “look” by customizing your own theme, without losing any of its potential and functionality. The site is

Comparision of CSS frameworks

If you are a front-end developer, I recomend you a very interesting website where you can read a good comparision of several CSS frameworks

That’s all for today!

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