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MongoDB’s challenges


Although learning databases is very exciting, I’m still on my first steps. Thanks to a twit, I read this blog entrance (and also this one) where I receive two good explanations about some limitations from NoSQL databases I haven’t taken into account:

  • It’s complicated to “move” a NoSQL database from one system to a different one, even if the new system is also a NoSQL database.
  • There is no standar way to access data on a NoSQL database.

I haven’t thought about this considerations, but I must admit everything must me worth, and these limitations as well.

Both restrictions are very closed: there are no standar way to access data, so changing to a differente NoSQL database requires to re-write all tools from nothing. A complicated task!

It’s very curious that experts ask about exporting data to Excel, a very common characteristic on relationaldatabases that not all NoSQL databases have. Y eso que el estandar JSON es el más extendido como “motor” de almacenamiento de datos.

En conclusión:

Using MongoDB databases is risky, except if you know what are you playing with, because this technology not only in recent and can procede a lot of benefits (specially if you are a web developer), but also using it has its consecuences. In this article you can read a good example of how using MongoDB can be risky. The title is very clear (why you should never use mongoDB), but … this is only one opinion, and you should take your own conclusions!

Buen día!

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