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Second reflexion about MongoDB


In the previous post I started to write about how to work with MongoDB databases using the console, practicing basic operations.

Everything seems logic

I have the sensaition that, except for the sintasix, everything seems logic. Nothing is new to me, because I work everyday with MySQL-MariaDB, and adapting to the new sintasix is not too complicated..

Sin embargo, it will start to think about me empiezan a surgir varias dudas:

  • How to work with several collections?
  • Are these databases as faster as they presume when dealing with millinos of documents?
  • Is JSON an obstruction for spreading NoSQL databases like MongoDB?

I guess that while I make tests, I’ll get my own answers, and taking my own conclusions!

To my first question, I guess that working with more than one collections will force to use one query per collection. On relational databases, you don’t have this problem because you can use views o even stored procedures or functions.

Related to speed of processing, I think MongoDB has had a big evolution on the last months, and yes, I think it’s really fast if the database is optimized. The important aspect of design and index creation is the key for speeding the performance of MongoDB, exactly the same as MySQL-MariaDB.

And about JSON, I think it’s a very popular format, and that feature make is even benefitial for spreading NoSQL databases.

Of course, every developer need to analyze its necesities, pros, cons, and choose for one option or other.

I am still using MySQL, although doing some test with MongoDB.

Have a nice day!

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