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Solving MySQL 5.7.2 error 1053


Last September 2013 (the articles in english were written on December 24 and 25) I wrote about some problems I got when installing MySQL 5.7.2, and I couldn’t do it because I got error 1053. I invested some time trying to solve it with no success, so I let the time pass by. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me for a MySQL installer, so I gave him the same .exe I have, and next day he told me that he also got error 1053. I have only two possible ways to solve ir:

  • The executable is not right!
  • MySQL 5.7.x is not supported on Windows XP

Trying MySQL 5.7.3

a few days ago, a new version MySQL 5.7.3 was published, so I downloaded and try to install it on the same virtual machine where I tried MySQL 5.7.2. Next, next, next …. Error!!

Having an error with one installer, maybe, but … the same with two different versiones? The executable must be right! Anyway, I’ll test on a Windows 7 machine!

MySQL 5.7 is not supported on Windows XP

Thanks to the owner of, I asked him if Windows XP gives support for MySQL 5.7, and he answerme with this link:

Inmediatly the mistery was solved, due that

Windows XP doesn’t support MySQL 5.6, neither MySQL 5.7

Well, I can demostrate that you can install MySQL 5.6.10 on Windows XP, so I can certify that

MySQL  5.7 is not supported on Windows XP!

I guess 8th April 2014 is almost here, and this day Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP.

A suggestion for Oracle

After my tries Ante mi insistencia por instalar lo ininstalable, le sugiero a Oracle como propietaria y encargada de MySQL que … verifique antes de proceder el Sistema Operativo e informe antes de que Windows XP no soporta MySQL 5.7, y así nos ahorramos muchas molestias a los usuarios!

Un saludo y buen día!

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