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uMongo, a MongoDB admin GUI


I am pretty sure that, although working with the console is quite important, you can ask if there is graphical tools that can help you. And the answer is yes.

Today I will introduce you to UMongo, a nice MongoDB admin GUI written by a developer from 10gen, the company behind MongoDB. I like it a lot to work with, specially if you’re a MongoDB admin. Here is the look of the main window:



There is a  Connect Dialog to connect to the database, just by accesing File / Connection (or the keys combination CTRL+K), and you’re ready to introduce the connect information:



You can access to the whole database and work with all diferent collections:



On the left panel you can choose a database, and on the right panel is loaded the information you select. all very visual!

The features of this tool are:

  • You can only connecto to one server or tu a buch of replicas, or to a MongoS instance
  • You can operate with database: create, remove, command, eval, …
  • You can operate with collections: crete, rename, remove, find, insert, save, …
  • You can operate with documents: update, duplicate, remove, …
  • You can operate with indexes: create, drop, …
  • Shard ops: enable sharding, add shard, shard collection, …
  • GUI Document builder
  • Import / Export data to diferent formats like JSON, BSON, CSV.
  • Support for query options and errors (getLastError)
  • Statistics (server status, db stats, replication info, etc)
  • Refresh information on real time (Mongo tree refreshes to have a real time view of cluster (servers up/down, durability, etc))
  • You can execute “silencio” operations
  • The GUI is exactly the same in all operating systems

Hace a nice day, and I hope it will be interesting for you!

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