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4 big data realities

Big Data

After reading this article, I’ll write about the 4 Big Data features that in my case, you should take into account.

Big Data is a new culture in the company and to the staff

If you want to know everything of your company, it’s complusory to introduce a new way of thinking in every employee, and ALL data should be saved, analyzed and processed. The most decisive aspect of  Big Data is people mentality, the key to became Big Data a success. EVERY member of a complany should know what every one add to the company: no one is less that other, and ALL members are necesary to achieve goals, from the chief to the last employee, no matter its education. Every body sums, and no one should deduct. This new mentality is vital to introduce a new culture on the company.

Hadoop is not the only tool in Big Data

Hadoop is designed to make Big Data analytics a reality, although the truth is that data are divided and the map-reduce functions are easy to apply, but … it’s not unique. There are others like Cloudera or Hortonworks that should be also taken into account, spacially for real time processing.

Data are every where

If it’s digital, i’ts a data. And during last years, almost every thing is digital why not take advantage of it? There are several business that should be surprised by the amount of data they didn’t collect (if data is not stored, it’s not analyzed, and so, you’re loosing knowledge of your business!).

Big Data engineers are scarce

The requirements to make Big Data are very high: store, databases, programming, statistics, …. It’s not easy to find people with this skills, but these doesn’t mean you cannot find people well prepared, or even you can encaurage your employees to improve their skills. And something is changing, because more universities are offering courses to make Big Data, (some MSc on Big Data in Spain,

Mi thoughts

If I were asked to mentions what of these four realities are more important, all are, but I choose data are every where, even at places where you didn’t now it exists, and that’s because people are not concious about it. And I’m not talking about Twitter or Facebook or other social networks. I’m talking about a small company with 2-3 employees can generate a lot of data but even their own generators are not aware there are generating data (this is not good), and of course, to take advantage of them.

I hope you like it and of course, tell me your experiences!

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