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Big Data actors

Big Data

One aspect we haven’t talked enought and it has a very high impact on #BigData are the actors that make Big Data possible.

I am developing my own soccer betting software for more than 10 years, and i am the analyst, the developer, the client, the statistician, … You can ask me if there are so many data to analyze, but I will tell you all that I do, the data I collect, the data I create, the analysis I do, and some decisions I take!

My software “seems” simple, but, … what if the problem to solve is to win an elections for a president of a country? The problem has change!!

On a previous post on manejandodatos I wrote about how Obama won the elections using Big Data, and he needed an incredible multidisciplinary team: programmers, engineers, sociologists, mathematicians, statisticians, image consultants, …. are all actors needed? The answer is yes: sociologists ask, analyst analize the question and try to solve it, and the programmer execute the solution. The result is given back to sociologists to interprete them (to interpretate results is not an issue for the programmer neither analyst), and image consultants will execute the interpretation. Of course, it can be more complicated, and simpler!

What both projects have in common, my betting soccer software and the USA elections? The answer is a defined objective, and a database with valid data.

the both have important differences: economic resources, the size of the database, and the team, but all actors of the team have their role, and it’s very important!

Have a nice day!

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