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Moving from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6. Step 3: Install MySQL 5.6.10


In previous steps, I have explained how to create backups of your MySQL-MariaDb databases and how to unistall MySQL, including all configuration files (very important!!). Now, let’s install the new version of MySQL that you can download from

In my case, I downloaded the Microsoft MySQL Installer. I think this installer has been a good advance from  ORACLE to make easy installations and updates.

This task is very easy, becuase at the very first moment, the installer will ask you about what action you want do do:.

Let’s select Add or Modify Products.

Instalando MySQL 5.6

Install MySQL 5.6

Accept the licence.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - aceptando licencia

Install MySQL 5.6 – accept licence

Next, let’s mark Install MySQL 5.6 and also the documentation.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Marcando productos a instalar

Install MySQL 5.6 – Mark products to install

Next step is to verify that all software required is available on the machine. In my case, I met everything!!

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Verificando requisitos

Install MySQL 5.6 – Verify step

Before to begin the installation process, you can read a remaindeer of all processes that it will install on the machine:

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Resumen

Instalando MySQL 5.6 – Resume

Clic on Execute and the process will start, … until the end. Now, you can see a resume of all done!

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Instalando

Instalando MySQL 5.6 – Instalando

Config the server

The next step is to config the server, and here you have to select what type of server you are installing. In my case it’s a developer machine, although you can choose to different types: a server, or a dedicated server for MySQL. Clic on “Enable TCP/IP” and tell a port, default is3306.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Configurando el servidor

Install MySQL 5.6 – Config the server

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Configurando el servidor

Install MySQL 5.6 – Config the server

Next step is to introduce a password for the admin user. As an option, you can include new more users.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Configurando el administrador

Install MySQL 5.6 – Admin data

Next step is to give a name to Windows service, in my case, mysql56 and decide if you want to activate is when starting. you can modify this feature from the Service Admin on Windows.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Servicio

Install MySQL 5.6 – Service

To end with, you can select a few options from the server (they are advance features). For novice, let them as default. Those expert MySQL users will mark what they need. Anyway, you can read the documentation about what is the meaning of all options. here, I uncheck everything.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Opciones

Install MySQL 5.6 – Options

Now, it’s turn to apply all config, and also, you can see how the process is going.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Resumen

Install MySQL 5.6

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Instalando

Install MySQL 5.6

If the next form is exactly as the next image, everything has gone as it should, and now you have your MySQL 5.6.10 installed and running.

Instalando MySQL 5.6 - Completado

Install MySQL 5.6 – Finished

Next step is to check that everything is working.

I hope you have fun with MySQL, ad have a nice day!

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