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Package manager with Anaconda


One of the best features of Anaconda is updating packages, using the conda tool. To do that, just write on a MS-DOS console:

conda update conda

Update Conda

Update Conda

The thruth is that the tool allows us to update all possible packages, and in case of anwering Yes, it will proceed..

Update Conda

Update Conda

Easy, isn’t it?

Paquetes instalados y versiones

Conda offers other interesting features. In concrete, you can know what packages you have available, and what versions. To know that, just write:

conda list

Paquetes en Conda

Packages in Conda

You can have more information about conda here.

another example using coda is asking the different versions of the packages you have installed, just writting:

conda search package

conda search

conda search

I hope this can be useful to you, and have a nice day!

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