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More Common_Schema utilities

common schema

I still have to spend some time investigating about what is QueryScript, included on the Common_schema framework (I already wrote about it). But today, let’s dive into two interesting utilities.

The utilities are two views.

  • The first one is table_charset. It’s a view in which you can identify the characterset used in all text tables of your database. This is a nice way to know that all our table’s types are what they should be. In my case, I use to work with utf8.


  • The second view is text_columns, that allows you to configure the characterset of all text fields.


Although you might think that the charset is not important, indeed, it is really important, specially in languages like spanish where it has special characters, like accents, ñ, ….

to end with, all functions starting with _ are intermediate functions, created to give power to the functionality of the framework.

Have a nice day!.

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