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DBA tools: MySQL WorkBench

MySQL WorkBench

MySQL WorkBench is the open alternative from #MySQL for the DataBase Administrator, DBA, and also for the non-DBA that need to work directly with databases.

A few months ago ORACLE published the 6.0 beta version of this tool, with new features and improvements (previuos version was 5.2), and right now you can download version 6.1.

MySQL WorkBench

MySQL WorkBench

The main window is designed to show the user several database connection, model (in the las image, there is no models). The right zone is prepared to link to several resources like blogs, forums, scripting shell, mysql utilities, …

If I were you, the first task to do is to configre your preferences, in the Edit / Preferences menu.

Preferencias de MySQL WorkBench

Preference on MySQL WorkBench

One feature I would like to highlight is the use of #Python as scripting language. In the Admin tab, it could be interesting to include the path to several Python tools.

Rutas con MySQL

Paths for MySQL

It is very important also to include the MySQL version you are working with for the models, because you can choose:

Preferencias de modelos para MySQL

Model Preferences for MySQL

The visualization preferences allows the user to change the way MySQL WorkBench is showed.

Working on a server

Once we clic on a server connection, you can work with it.

Trabajando con un servidor MySQL

Trabajando con un servidor MySQL

On the left zone you have several tools, like watching the status of the server, the active processes, the my.ini config file (you can modify it, but it’s needed to reboot the server in order to notice the changed made)… everything is in a unique place!

Estado del servidor MySQL

Server status

The export and import tools are located here, and they are exactly the same as the previous 5.2 version, and all of them are using mysqldump. You can read about using this tool for creating a backup, here.

Exportacion MySQL WorkBench

Exportacion MySQL WorkBench

The central zone is available for the user to write SQL code, and the zone below is where you can see the outcome of the SQL queries.

Probando MySQL WorkBench

Probando MySQL WorkBench

And with this, I finish a small revision of this great tool, although it is not the one I like the most for working with #MySQL.

I hope you use it and have a nice day!

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