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Solution to MySQL Error 1146: tables needed on “mysql” database


A friend of mine asked my for some help to install MySQL, so, I sent him the MySQL 5.7.2 installer, the same file I tried to install with no success, as I already talk on this blog here and here (both in spanish, and in a few weeks it will be in english).

Again, error 1053

A few minutes after providing the file, my friend called me to tell me that he has error 1053, when trying to start the MySQL server (on Windows XP). Due to this situation, the same error …. I thought the installer file shouldn’t file correct. I must download again, and start from zero.

NOTE: The final solution to error 1053 is already solved here, in spanish. I am translating entrances to english, and it will be available in the next weeks.

Back to MySQL 5.6.10

Finally, I called my friend and recommend him to install MySQL 5.6.10, and now, everything works fine!

Nxt step is to load a list of SQL sentences to create a few tables, …. but he receives error 1046:

Error 1146 en MySQL

Error 1146 on MySQL

Solution to Error 1146

The solution to this error is (more or less) easy: to rebuild all “mysql” database, just using this script:

When I write to rebuild, is because all tables will be deleted and created new, including all information.

If you got error 1146 after updating MySQL server from a previos version of MySQL 5.6, so, the solution is not as dramatic to “fix” as rebuilding the whole database. You have to follow this instructions:

as always, I’m not responsible of the process, so make a backup of your server before proceed.

I hope it can be useful to you, and … have a nice day!

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