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Linking MySQL-MariaDB under MS Access


Today’s entrance pretend to give you two good recommendations, after a whole morning busy trying to solve a simple cuestion.

The objective is linking a table that lives on a MySQL o MariaDB server on Microsoft Access, using ODBC (using MS Access as a MySQL front-end). This simple task, can be too dramatic if you don’t follow this recommendations:

  • Don’t use special characters (acents, white space, ….)
  • Don’t like too large names (max 18 characters!!)

If I knew this before, I’d save a good time! So, let’s reproduce the error!

Firtst, let’s create a table under MySQL or MariaDB:

Creando Tabla en MySQL

Creating a table under MySQL-MariaDB

Next, we need to configure an ODBC connection to the database we have already created. Yuo can create this also when selecting the ODBC under MS Access.



And the ODBC is ready:

ODBC Creado

ODBC Creado

Yoy can also access to the ODBC manager just doing Start / Execute / odbccp32.cpl.

Now, let’s link on MS Access:

Datos externos vía ODBC

Datos externos vía ODBC

Click on Link:

Vincular a origen de datos

Link to a data source

Select the table:

Tabla a vincular

Tabla a vincular

And here I have this beautiful error!

Error al vincular

Error when linking

In order to avoid this, just follow the instructions given: short names and not use special characters!

Have a nice day!

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