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Review descriptive statistics course, at

Today I would like to write about a course I did a few weeks ago on (a MOOC website in spanish), titled Descriptive Statistics (Estadística Descriptiva). It’s a beginner’ course because it’s concentrate in explaining mode, average, medians, percentils, … and graphical representation.

Although I studied a few statistics course on University, I must admit I  am very happy with this course because I could refreshed some important concepts. Don’t expect any code on the course, because everything is very well explained with paper and pencil, no code. It’s very important that the student learn how do the calculations manually, and it worths it!

The course is structured for 4 weeks long, starting with unidimensional statistics with the concept of statistic variable, statistictables (it doesn’t matter simple tables on grouped on intervals data tables, and statistic graphs. Next, you’ll learn to calculated average values and dispersion parameters, and the course finishes with bidimensional statistics variables, parameters and regression models.

Practicing with Python

In my opinion, the most interesting module of the course is the last one, where you learn how to solve lineal models. For this part I create a small class to help me solved the problems, followind the intructions given on the video course. You can have the script on GitHub.

undoubtedly, the Python code was created for solving the problems of the course, but I am pretty sure that I can do the same, or even better using specific Python modules for data analysis, like NumPy o pandas.

In any case, I have work to do when starting with those modules!

Have a nice day!

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