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Framework Bijou CSS and more related to Twitter Bootstrap


Today, again, the topic is CSS framworks, but first, let me introduce you to a good tool for creating is a website where you create the CSS code to create buttons with the appearence you need.

Bijou framework

a few weeks ago, I met another cool framwork that call my attention. It’s the Bijou framework, a very lightweight project that you can download here:

The framework is less that 2 Kb, and within this file, you have availbale a good amount on classes for adjusting grids, pretty buttons, a nice typography, or a few classes for tables.

Althought I am using PureCSS for my work, I must Aunque hace tiempo que os presenté el framework con el que trabajo, PureCSS, sí creo que hay tres aspectos en los que Bijou me ha impresionado, además del tamaño:

  • The name of the classes are direct: alert, row, span, button, table, …
  • I like the grid class, because their names are easy to remember: row, span, dark, ligh, one, two … ten
  • And of course, the alarms are very elegant (in my opinion)

Also, I think that buttons and tables are better achieved on PureCSS, but … that’s my opinion. Even you can work with both frameworks (there is no incompatibility), and that’s the way I’m doing right now, using the best of both whenever I need.

More related to Twitter Bootstrap

On the next link, you have a few tricks in add to your CSS in order to improve performance, and of course, new functionality to TB:

I have found also a new project based on TB 3.1.1, called BootFlat (, and, as you can imagine, it is only compatible with IE8+, not having issues with the rest of the browsers.

I also can recommend you more options if you feel confortable with Twitter Bootstrap: This project make easy new themes for creating landing page, portfolios,  etc, …. It’s ready for you to download, modify, and … you’re done! Another option for themes using TB is

Happy coding!

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