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The Swift language, by Apple


I am not an Apple fun, I have never had a device or laptop from this brand … mainly because I prefer Android, but todday I must write about what happened on monday 2nd June (apart of the abdication of King Juan carlos I of Spain), and it’s about Swift.

Swift, a new language for iOS y OS X

Every time Apple has a technological event, the expectation is worldwide, but this kind of events are not on my expectation, since this morning, when Apple presents a new language called Swift, and alternative to Objective-C, and it will become in its replacement, because Objective-C is not very appeal for novices.

After reading a bit, Swift had borrowed a few features from Python, spacialy lists and conversion of types on variables. You need to use { } when using blocks of code, and the switch control structure must be use with careful.

  • The structure of loops like for are veri similar toJavascript although with no parentesis.
  • When defining functions can include parameters, one or more than one, and you can declare a type of output for the function. You need to use { }, like Javascript. As Python, functions can be defined with an undefined number of parameters, and also, functions can include functions  (like Javascript).
  • The creation of classes has no difference as you do with Javascript.

Here you have an entrance where you can read with more details about the features of Swift:

You can find a great course at, so you can sign in!

But, if you want the official documentation, it’s here:

Last, you have available the IDE XCode:

By now, I won’t try, but I am waiting for you to tell me what you think of this new language!

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