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Courses on July and August

A new entrance about courses, … if you have time during the summer!

Data and Web developer

I would like to inform you that at Coursera ( there is a Data Scientist course integrated by 9 modules, very interesting. I already did the first course, but I will do (try) the rest in future months. Now i’m busy trying to understand AndularJS with this course: This is the first course about AngularJS, and now I’m learning how to work with it It’s not difficult, but … you need to spend some time to get used to its philosophy.

The next course I would like to follow is about CoffeScript:, a language that has no sucess yet (CoffeScript no termina de despegar).

You have more courses for web developers on codeschool.

Big and Open Data

Another interesting course is Big & Open Data, but you can find more info here. It’s a course held on Universidad Complutense de Verano, 7th to 25th July and you can learn about data and about de R language. The cost is 900 €, mainly because it is offer by a University, and because it is offline.

More courses

Here you have an entrance with a collection of 105 university courses you can do online: More of them are in english, but in spanish there are quite a few!

And … that’s all by now!

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