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Updating to Anaconda 2.0


If you follow this blog, I already wrote about how to update Anaconda, and now it’s time to do it again because since a few days ago there is a new version of Anaconda. The version 2 comes with great news, spacially because they have removed heavy packages (and not the most used) from the installer, although they are in the repositories. So, the good news is a reduction in the installer, and lots of updates!

A second good news is the hability to work with Python 3.4 (if you are using Python 3).

The complete list of news are here: As you can imagine, several packages have been updated to their new versions!

If you want to know what packages are included depending on the Python version, let’s go here:

Also, if you need more information about Anaconda news, here you have the link to the blog:

Versión de Anaconda

If you don’t know what Anaconda version are you using, go to a MS-DOS consol, and write: conda info anaconda

Version de Anaconda

Version of Anaconda

In my case, as you can see, I am using version 1.9.2, so .. after a while updating ….

Actualizando anaconda 2.x

Actualizando anaconda 2.x

… now I ckeck I am now using Anaconda versión 2.0.

And .. that’s all for today!

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