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Windows 7, the ephemeral


Again, I have to write about Microsoft (Sigue el rodillo, Microsoft abandonará Windows 7 a su suerte el año que viene), and again, … the same action: end of support for Windows 7. A few days ago, I wrote about Last Microsoft movements, and the story repeat one more time!

Windows 7 support is close to end.

You can read it here, on Microsoft’s website (, since 13 January 2015, the main support ends, and only securyty updates will be available, until 2020..

A few months ago finished the Windows XP support, an operating systems still present in more than 25% of companies, so, if you updated to Windows 7, the story will be repeating in a short period of time.

Deja vu

Yes, deja vu. First, developers suffered with Visual Basic. Next, the Windows XP episode, an OS that after a long time is the most used (using Windows, of course!). And tomorrow, your “new” OS will be in danger again (I am warning you, so if you have any problem … you knew it!). Because people like Win 7, and moving to Win 8 is not as Microsoft expected.

I am still on my place: forzing your customers to move from one product to another one, without any improvements … is not the right decision. And now, there exists several Linux distributions very cool, for Windows users like ElementaryOS, Lubuntu, Pear OS, …

So, if you are in trouble with you OS … I am warning you … with enough time!

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