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Best entrances of Visual Basic at Manejando datos


This entrance is a review of several entrances of this blog about Visual Basic, VB6 and VBA, published during the life of this blog.

At the beginning, I wrote about How VBA was bleeding to death. , becuase I would like to show how good is (well, … was) because the language has been working great for a long time … until Microsoft decided not to trust on it any more. During this process, hundreds (or thousands) developers (myself, for example) have pushed to change, and in my case, I decided Python will be a really good alternative, although I should have learnt Python before.

Some differences between VBA y VB6

I have written not too much about differences between VBA and VB6, but one of them was related to dealing with combos (in spanish).


I would like to point out two popular entrance, with a lot of visits, with the code to create graphs automatically, in two steps. First, some useful routines that you can find here (in spanish) and the code for creating the graphs.

From novice to expert

Maybe, one of the series of entrance I am proud of, because I wrote about how a novice can code a small software, and how an expert would code the same code. The software is always the same, but the code is totally different, from the beginning until the end. Sorry but this entrances are in spanish. The software is a quote to porcent converter. The quotes are available on bet houses, and you translate into percents.

VB6. Quotes to Percents:

This process is the same for any language, but .. here you have my example!

The future of Visual Basic atManejando Datos

Maybe, Visual Basic will be dissapearing on this blog, mainly because it’s a language I am not using as frecuently as before. Why? Microsoft! They tried “to kill” it, and step by step, they are accomplishing their objective, at least, in my case. Of course, there are several good blogs about Microsoft tech I wuold like you to know:, from my friend Ángel, or

the truth is that I am not trusting in any Microsoft material any more, and any time I start a new project, I am not using any Microsoft technology, although the operating systems still support VB6, but I know (and you do) that one day VB6 will be “past” …. I already told you that I don’t like the .NET platform (also in spanish).

And … that’s all by now!

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