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Compilation of entrances on MySQL


This is the last entrance of August, and it’s related to MySQL, one of the hottest topics of this blog. Several entrances of this entrance are in spanish, because I started writing both languages about October, and some of the materials were published before. Most of them have been translated and published after, but other don’t (I haven’t had time, although I should do it).

The first entrance of this blog was about a DBA framework for MySQL, (in spanish) that I use almost every day, and you should do it as well.

Migrating MySQL

One of the most popular series of this blog was about migrating to a new version from MySQL, and you could read how to update, and the several steps one should follow doing this process (it’s not trivial,  guess). Also, I already write about how not to do a migration (in spanish, from Mysql 5.1 to versión 5.6), and some experiments when updating (here, with success), also in spanish.

Although it’s not complete 100%, here you have the steps to do a MySQL migration to a new version. In spanish it was published on Septembre 2013.

As you can see, the topics are perfect for novices, and I must write again of this topics to go a bit further.

Solving errors

No doubt about what is one of the most visit entrance, and is how to solve error 1067 of MySQL because service can’t start the server (in spanish, sorry!).

I also wrote about the problems when having error 1053 that I suffer a lot trying to find a solution, and … at the end, the solution was that Windows XP is not supported by MySQL 5.7.x.

I also wrote about solving error 1146 de MySQL.


I have also try an altermative to MySQL, called MariaDb, where you can used all explained before.

If you search on, you can find several topics like templates for creating stored procedires, how to list the primary keys of a database, or even a review of some tools like MySQL WorkBench.

And there are more … but the mains entrances are here!

Have a nice summer!

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