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My reflexions 2014

Agost is the month of vacations, and with this entrance I will resume some of the reflexions I have had during this year. The first topic is reflexions.

This topics are only in spanish. After watching a TV program where a passpost is bought, I wrote (the power of querying a database, El poder de las consultas a las bases de datos). I wrote also about infinity spanish burocracy (burocracia infinita and a secnod part, burocracia infinita) after . que suponen dar de alta un nuevo ciudadano español, tras la ampliación que hemos tenido en la familia hace unos meses. Supongo que a alguno les vendrá bien saber a qué se tienen que enfrentar!!

Another reflexion is about spanish Hacienda (where you pay taxes, Hacienda española) and how they apply:

[important]Databases never lie (if queries are well done)[/important]

Mis quejas a Microsoft

At profesional nivel, I have complained about Microsoft and their polítics. At the beginning of this blog I worote how Microsoft leaves VBA bleeding to death, and maybe the ASP resurection (impossible, I know it!). As you can imagine, my faith on Microsoft has been migrating into distrust, because for me, it has not been easy to stop programming on (VB6 will be forever because there is a lot of software developed). Now I feel confortable with Python, a language I should leant before instead of C#.

Those who bet for Microsoft and are out-dated (still with Windows XP) are now suffering what developers suffered when Microsoft decided to push for .NET (c# is a copy of Java).The act of forcing your customers without their conviction is not something to be proud of, but … it’s the Micosoft decision! Now, everybody knows how Microsoft rules works.

Have a nice summer!

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