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3 Big Data problems related to persons

Big Data

I would like to expose 3 problems related to #BigData and people. The origin of this entrance is this article, published by a Big Data company, that it worth read it!

As an extra, I also encaourage you to read this news where you can know more about Obama’s algorithm and how #BigData is affecting civil rights of citizens, and 99% are not aware of them.

Restricted data

On a previous entrance I wrote about companies that don’t store data have a serious problem about knowling thie business, but it is also a problem when data are generated on a concrete section of a company and are available only them (that’s is: data is only available where it is generated). It can sound wierd for you, but it’s a very common behaviour in some business. because …

nobody thinks in the sucess of a company as a whole, but every group is only worried about the power of their data

That’s the thruth for lots and lots of companies, becuase there is a mith around:

Información is power

A second consecuence of “sharing” data with the rest of the company is that having a complete knowledge of a company allows decision makers to improve, instead of limiting the future of the company.

Scarce of Data scientist

Los científicos de datos son una especie altamente demandada, porque requiere una altísima cualificación en informática (principalmente bases de datos y programación), estadística y experiencia funcional (saber del negocio a estudiar). No es fácil conseguir un profesional con dichas características, y en caso de conocerlo, hay que remunerarlo. Es un coste importante, pero también el resultado puede ser muy productivo par la organización, e incluso resultar barato.

Comunication between data scientist and business users

Comunication is another big problem, because the comunication between the Big Data makers with users shoud be fluid, with mutual benefit.

Anything that does not make intuitive sense is often regarded with skepticism, or are not fully understood

Breaking this problem is fundamental for the BigData sucess and for the business.

My visión about this 3 problemas

In the place where I work I have notice the first two problems, and maybe, it is because of the definition of public administrations, too rigid for sharing information (instead of thinking in the benefits to citizens). Break with the “previuos” system by a change in the mentality is neccesary to offer a better service to citizens, with transparent information, and also, faster.

Related to the second problem, sometimes companies undervalue their employees, and the solution comes from offering courses (now, most of them are free) to recicle or to deepen on new topics: investing in the future.

The third problem is not present by nos, maybe becuase “they” are con aware of the advantages of #BigData, and if there is no strategy about it ….

Have a nice day!

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