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Solving a connection between MS Access and Python on Windows 7


On a previous post I wrote a little example of how to connect to a MS Access database using #Python, but when testing on #Windows7, I got a nice and unexpected error: the provider is not installed.

Error en MS Access y Python

Error on MS Access y Python

One of the possible reason of this error is the mess of having Windows 7 64 bits, also the 32 bits version of MS Office 2007, and Anaconda 64 bits, and … of course, a mess also for Microsoft Windows, and … an error raised!

Downloading the drivers

The reason of the error is not having the right drivers intalled, so … let’s download Microsoft ACE drivers 64 bits drivers. I install it, but also, I receive another nice message:

Error al instalar Microsft ACE drivers

Error when installing Microsoft ACE drivers

Another error!! That’s not good!

I verifyed that I’m not the one that has suffered this problem, so, I got the solution here, and one solution is to install Microsoft ACE drivers on passive mode, using the command line from MS-DOS and with this command:

AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe /passive

instalando microsoft ACE Drivers en pasivo

Passive install of Microsoft ACE Drivers

I have no time to see what’s happening during the installation, but … I go back to my exaple, run the code and  ….

script funcionando

script running

Another problem solved!

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