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Sublime Text, a powerful text editor


A few months ago, I wrote a large post about Notepad++, the text editor I use, but I must admit that from a few weeks ago, I am working with Sublime Text 3 (you can download the software here).

Basically, these two software are the best text editors you can use (in my opinion, of course), and, as a developer, I recommend to work with at least one of them, because all advantages you’ll have. It is true that I am working with Notepad++ for several years, becuase it’s easy for programming Classic ASP, and to deal with several files.

I started to use TextPad

The first text editor I worked with was TextPad, thanks to a workmate. The advantages os using this software where syntax highlight, using macros, deal with several files, … although the process of customization wasn’t direct, and you have to download dictionaries, save the files on a special folder, … The process wasnot “elegant”, and customizing was time consuming!.

Notepad++, the winner

Notepad++ was another recommendation, and a few minutes after trying it were the only I need to move from TextPad to NotePad++. The customization process is easy, and after you install a few plugins, the editor gains a lot, spacially in my case to work with Classic ASP Clásico, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Some times I need it to program some Python code, but …. my preference for Python is PyScripter (a software I spent several entrances on this blog), but, because there are no updated for quite a long, I am trying new possiblities. I’ll write about them in the future!

Sublime Text, another good editor

A month ago I give a try to Sublime Text, and I must admit that preparing the editor is a time consuming task, but an important task anyone should spend some time. Because of that, I decided to download the Windows portable version, in order to use the same editor in different computers, with one customization. The main reason for that is that I am starting with Flask, a Python microframework, and I need a good environtment to program Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In the next lines I will write the links I use as a guide for that.

Every thing started because I read this entrance: Setting up ST for Python development: Of course I recommend you to read it carefully because following this advices can be helpful for working with ST and Python. The entrance is for Linux and version 2, but it can be useful for the Windows and version 3.

My second recommendation is this:, again about setting up ST3 for Python. Another large entrance, but read caregul the plugins you need to install, and of course, the fundamental part is how to install Package Manager.

The third recommendation is a list of Python plugins:

Another interesting entrance is:, specially because this is what I was looking for. Another large post with good recommendations.

Maybe, one of the problems I have was about commenting lines, and I took the second best answer of this question: (not the first).

More recommendations:

And last, and because I am using Flask and Jinja2, this entrance is very useful: .

To end with, preparing Sublime Text 3 for Python programming is not a trivial task, it takes time, but it worth it!

Have a nice day!

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