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I will only develop webapps. Stop to desktop apps

That’s my decision.

I don’t want to create more desktop software, and I would like to focus on webapps.

My decision sounds abrumadora, but it is my intentions, and here and my reasons.

Python is my first program language

Python is a programming language becaming very popular in the last months due to its design: simple, easy, powerful, open source, and there are a lot of people contributing to make it better every day. I wrote an entrance complaining to myself becuase I should have learnt Python before (instead of loosing my time with C#).

I also told you that in 2004 or so I tried to learn Python. By that time, I was using Visual Basic as my main language and the lack of a good GUI library for creating visual apps was a big impediment.

Now I am developing with Python more fluent, and I undestand my decision, because developing visual app continues being complex.

I am disappointed with Tkinter

Thanks to Pack Pub I could review and read carefully the book Tkinter GUI Application development, and I was surprised because creating interfaces depends on the good or bad style used by the developer, not because the lack of tools. But, the fact of working with comboboxes y listboxes on Tkinter is complex, really complex, even for small and simple apps..

If you sum the fact that creating forms and windows is not easy for Python (here you can read several tools I tried, and the one I liked was a Visual Basic 6 Add-on). With all this, you can undestand my decision.

The truth is that even Visual Basic 6 has been very criticized, I haven’t work with an IDE more simple that VB6 for creating visual apps. Even C# or VB.Net requires you to understand how forms are coded.

I use to program with HTML5, CSS y Javascript

Although I was concentrated on desktop apps and I didn’t like very much web programming, I program webapps for a few years, so, adding Python to my web skills shouldn’t be a problem. I have written a lof of this technologies on this blog

Flask, the chosen microframework

From all options to create Python web apps, I choose Flask (another options are Django, Pyramid, Bottle, ….). The reasons: it’s easy to create apps using HTML5 templates, using CSS for styling and Javascript (of course, using jQuery) con adding functionality.

For joining HTML and Python, I use Jinja2, and … that’s all I need.

Have a nice day!

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