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App Engine Universe

App Engine

Today’s entrance will introduce you to what can you find on Google Cloud universe, becuase it’s too broad and with several tools you can work with, depend on your needs.


Here you have:

  • Frontends, ther only limitation is that you need to give a request on a limited time
  • Backends, they are special instances where you can configure everything to fit to your needs. No limitations
  • Task Queues,
  • Cron, is a tool that allows you to create periodic tasks. You only need a text file or a XML file to start



Here you have:

  • Datastorage, is a object oriented database, no relational. I will focus on this on a future entrance
  • Memcache, to store data into memory
  • Namespaces
  • blobstore, to store big files
  • Cloud SQL, is a MySQL database (in case you prefer a MySQL database instead of Datastorage)
  • Static content



The options here are:

  • URL Fetch
  • XMPP
  • Channel API
  • Mail API, or gmail, because you can read ad write emails using this API



You hae available:

  • Images API
  • App Identity
  • Users API
  • MapReduce API
  • Pipeline API
  • Prospective Search API

In summary

All this services are available insede Google estructure and are ready for you to use them.

The free limits are …. high. As an example, you can show 5 millions webpages per month, 37 CPU hours, 1 Gb Datastorage (about 50.000 operations read/write per day), 100 mails, 650.000 URL fetch per day, or 43 millions of XMPP messages per day.

About languages, you have 4 realy good choices: Java, Python, PHP y Go (I chose Python)

After you reach the limits, you start paying!

And … that’s Google Cloud!

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