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Microsoft, to conquest users and developers


A new entrance focued on Microsoft, and for this occasion, I am proud to write about good news after the last decisions: Windows 10 will be replacing Windows 8 (they skipped number 9!).

Characteristics of Operating Systems

When i have conversations with friends and mates about operating systems, almost all of them end up criticizing Windows, but almost all of them use Windows. I always ask the same:

  • What does a Linux user want? The console, of course!
  • What does a Mac user want? A nice and perfect OS
  • And a Windows‘s user? The Start button!!!!!!

This is jst the “key” that Windows 8 removed, in my opinion, the riskiest Operating Systemen from Microsoft. I haven’t worked in deep with it, but maybe versión 8.1 is better than versión 8.

Although Linux has improved a lot the graphical aspect of the OS, it is not enoght for moving from Windows to Linux. And in the last two years, you can find several cool Linux distros, apart of Ubuntu.

No news related to programming languages

There are no news related to Microsoft programming languages, who is pushing to C# as the better option. In the meanthima, I would like to read this entrance related to the future of XAML.

I remember that when I started to program with C# under .NET platgofm, I had to choose between Windows Forms or XAML. My choice was the XAML (the right option!) because the alternative wasn’t very attractive, and XAML was “the cool” opcion. I downloaded a XAML book, I read it until the end, and I spent a few months learning this “cool” technology, not mature by this time, a bit complex, and after that I understand how to use it, at least, the basic controls, how they work this objects and collection of objects, the way of defining styles, ….  All was perfect, but a long learning curve … maybe too long!

It had happend more that two years since I wrote the last line of C# code, and maybe I won’t write anymore. The version 6 of the C# with new features (you can read ir here) aren’t sufficient to come back to this language (here you can read more news). I have decided to keep on learning with Python although writting GUI apps is sometimes a mess, but I know that moving to Linux o a Mac means no modification to source code, and that’s important.

I do write some time Visual Basic 6 code, because I need to maintain one software I use almost every week

Beting of Web technologies and Python is a challenge for me.

So, I will be developing with Python, also HTML5, CSS and Javascript, becuase moving to a different OS daesn’t mean to change a single line of code!

And … until here was the original entrance, because ….

Microsoft moves to Open Source

Microsoft has made a big change, trying to bring the developers back, with important decisions::

  • The .NET platform is now Open Source: What I really like of this change, is that nw you can use it under GNU/Linux and OS X, finishing the limitations of only Windows environments.
  • Visual Studio has a Community version

This movement has been forced because in 5 years, developers have migrate from almost only using Microsoft products, to almost not using them. Al least, that was my path, and I am pretty sure, several developer’s path have been the same.

This bet from Microsoft to bring back developers is a new way, and only time will discover if the moment is right or it’s too late. In my case, it’s too late, because I will be deveoping with Python.

As you can read, Python is my “first” language. And you … will you come back yo Microsoft tools?

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