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Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Yes, incredible, back again talking about Visual Basic 6. YES, read again …. VISUAL BASIC 6.

I know the notice reading this entrance, and the news is that Microsoft want to give developers a new tool called Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio , a new aproach for migrating projects to the .NET platform.

By now, still in alfa stage, still in development, but it’s a tool that you can try now.

The big surprise of this new tool is that Microsoft aims developers to help them creating apowerful tool: is Microsoft now listening to theis users-developers?

The case is that this movement can be translated as an alarm for those developers still using Microsoft products, because it can be seeing as an atempt of revive Visual Basic 6. Of course, several developers felt betrayed, myself included, becuase of the “death” of Visual Basic 6.

I ask myself … why now? Microsoft stopped producing products related to VB6 more that 10 years ago, and now there are a legion of ex Microsoft developers claiming for VB6 back. I also ask … does not the bet for the .NET platform right? Maybe it’s a new adaptation to modern days?  Strange, because much of the new technology are not supported by VB6.

After than, I am convinced that several developers will be back to VB6!!

Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio

If you install the tool, you’ll have a new menu in Visual Studio 2012 o 2013 (by now), and you can impost Visual Basic 6 project.

VB-Classic on .NET IDE

Once the project is loaded, developers can still maintaining their VB6 projects while migrating to .NET. you can save properties, modify files, …. not much!

I would like to, but I can’t

This tools sounds for me ….  I would like to … remember that Microsoft still pushing for developers, but I can’t look back because I decided (time ago) to kill Visual Basic 6 (and I cann’t revive it).Of course, if you decided to revive it, be sure that you update it, for example for allowing connection to NoSQL databases, multiplatform, … and of course, every program should work desktop, tablet and mobile, otherwise, it won’t success (and Microsoft cann’t afford to fail again)!

Since this tool was published and today, a few months have passed, and the truth is that this tool is still in alfa. I don’t see the point in creating a plugin for a “dead lenguage”.

Nothing new under the sun …. of Microsoft!

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