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Challenges for 2015

2014 have finished, and I thought about starting the year with the challenges I would like to achieve during 2015. The previous year have been focused on:

  • Python, with several entrance on last months
  • HTML5 and related technologies, such as jQuery, CSS, Javascript
  • MySQL and MariaDB, although the truth is that ths previous year I’ve been more concentrate on programming than on databases … but I’m back in a few weeks!

On my professional life, I have needed Python a lot, and that circunstance have forced me to learn, trying to get the most performance of the language, and of me. I have leart Flask, a bit about Google App Engine, and I have improved a lot my skills as webscraper. On the other side, I have abandoned C#, and almost finished with VBA and Visual Basic 6.

So, a new year is starting, and I want to break into something new, no more Python programming for a while, and let’s talk about data analisis, MySQL and databases. That’s the beginnign of the year. Later on …. we’ll see!

2015 challenges

the challenges I want to achieve for 2015 are: (of course, based on HTML5, Python y MySQL-MariaDB):

  • Learn pandas, trying to improve my skills as data analyst.
  • Improve my knowledge about Twitter Bootstrap, almost the only front-end framework I use (and as you know I don’t like the front-end part very much, but ….)
  • Representation of data, is another important issue for 2015, specially for Big Data analitics
  • I would like to improve my skills as a MySQL DBA
  • I woulr like to write about database design (another aspect I hope to work more on 2015)
  • I will try to write a montly entrance related to databases and programming courses (some of you are quite interested in!)
  • And … move to Linux

I hopy to have your attencion on several project I will be publishing during the year, but … one thing I enjoy is to have your suggestions with new topics!

Happy coding and have a nice … 2015!

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