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Courses Febrary 2015

Bases de datos

It’s been a while since I don’t write about courses, but there are a few of them quite  good, and I want to share with you. Some on them are starting soon, and others are almost started a week ago, so … be ready to learn!


The MongoDB University has a course program really good, and those who want to learn NoSQL databases, that’s is, MongoDB, are lucky, because courses are starting. I am doing the course MongoDB for Python developers, but there is also courses for Node.js or Java. every 2 or 3 months, courses are starting, so if you miss this chance, be ready for a new one in a few months!


I haven’t done any course related to maps for a long time, but recently I Hace mucho que no hago cursos relacionados con mapas, pero a este de coursera, me he tenido que apuntar. Aquí tienes la información. Siempre puedes echarle una visual a más cursos que ofrecen, algunos realmente buenos! Eso sí, es bastante teórico (al menos, la primera semana)

HTML5, CSS y Javascript Course

A new edition of the course HTML5, CSS and Javascript programming at MiriadaX is starting next week (I did the first edition). The begining is easy, and difficulty is increasing until the end, more concentrate on Javascript programming.

Otros cursos interesantes, aun ya empezados, son los de Commmunity Manager (demasiado teórico, en mi opinión pero realmente interesante para el recien llegado), bioestatistics with R (I haven’t done it) or introduction to BI ( haven’t done it neither).

Big Data

If you want academic and phisical courses, here you hava a Big Data MSc, starting March 2015.

And .. that’s all by now.

Even more: there is a swift course if you are an Apple geek, and you can view more courses here.

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