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Business that don’t analyze data

Big Data

I received an email from my father recommending me to read this IBM news, where you can read how the spanish companies are starting to bet (adn use) #Big Data, because one big part of the revenue of IBM come from Big Data.

I willl extrac a sentence I think is “key-value” in today’s business:

… the first concern of CEOs is to satisfy the customer. “And to do that, we need to know them, and the technology [of data analysis] has much to contribute”

Let’s analyze the sentence:

Satisfy the customer

…. should be the first obligation of every business, but it’s not always this way. This can be due to the dominat position of a company, other option is due to location (because the locations can be a great oportunity to offer a product or service with no competence, taking advance of this.

… we need to know (the customer)

I use to buy on shops of my neighborhood for several years, and of course I repeat on them because I am well served. During these years, tradesmen know what me and my family like, and they know what can offer me.

In traditional business where no computers are needed, the direct contact with the customer favors knowledge. It’s not perfect but it works! Also, the number of habitual customers is more or less … accessible.

However, if a business is on the Internet and data can be stored, the only way on knowing what my clients are demanding is … analize data. What they like and what they don’t. Unfortunatly, I am knowing more and more business that they have the data, although they don’t store them, and the consecuence is that they are loosing their right to know their customers.

…. technology [of data analysis] has much to contribute

Obviously, if I have a lot of data, processing them will require to have technology available that allow me to analyze them: Big Data is a reality that there are those technologies that meet specific problems very efficiently.

Have a nice day!

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