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More about the taxi sector


On the previour entrance I write about how the taxi sector should use their own data to improve the whole sector, improving the management, knowledge, the real time situation, …. trying to adjust the offer to the demand, make easy the process of taking decisions for individuals (taxis) and for the sector, optimizing resources. Today, it’s time to review some apps related to the taxi sector (at least, in Spain, where I live).


This was the first app, and it’s still working: . You can read on the web, in the management zone that it’s an advanced automatic fleet management system, based on GPS location. The objective is to connect taxi drivers with clients, but it seems like it’s an app concentrate on fleet management.


It’s not still very popular but in my opinion, this app has all elements to end up imposed in several countries .  You can visit The utility of this app is for applying for a taxi, but also you can see where are the taxis available close to your position, al also you can know what they can offer you. You can filter depending on your needs, for example, with Internet, with a baby chair, …. Once selected, you can see the distance, …. I think lot of apps will copy some of the features already included here!


Is the app created by Asociación Radio Taxis de España (the national taxi association os Spain), and you can download it here. The app is focus in meeting the taxi driver, the vehicle, characteristics, extras, or even apply for a taxi with special needs. I have receeved some feedback about this app, and there exists two problems: link a credit card, and open opinion about services and drivers. The veredict is that this app still can be improved!


Another cool app only working in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona, making easy the contact between the taxi driver and the client. With your smarthphone, you can contact directly the taxi driver, know the characteristics of the vehicle …. and even you can pay with the app, forgetting about cash money. Really cool, because the app is related to a credit card!


Last app to show here is hailo, and offers almost the same that the previous ones. My friend the taxi driver told me that this app has lower costs that others, so, it’s gaining more and more drivers in Madrid. As you can see here, there are also a nice fight between taxi apps, at least, in Madrid.

Other apps are taksee, concentrated on fleet management and keep contact between taxis and companies. Another app is TaxiProxi, although the web is not very attractive and old-fashion (in mu opinion), the app is available for iOS, android and Windows Phone. Another app is Cabify, who’s main objective is offering chauffeurs.

In general, new technologies are forcing the taxi sector (and others) to join them, not being static. Recicle or die. Technology is here to stay!

And the real competence based on collaborative consumption is the app ….


It’s the most problematic app in several countries, and it has been forbidden in Spain by the justice. This app have been the winner in Spain, and the taxi sector has fight against it, and by now, it has been beaten (by now). Why? Simple. It joins persons that are doing the same journey inside a city in the same moment, and cheapest than using a taxi. That’s why taxi sector has felt challenged, and justice came to save it (by now).

I won’t comment anything related to legal aspecto of drivers, … but the idea is brilliant.

Pushing the taxi sector

The main idea behind this reflection is that several sector need to move toward startup philosophy, otherwise they are condemned to die. one cannot be static because of the laws, becuase some activity working 10 years ago can stop working today.

So, why not apply the norm that says …. you can win joining forces with your enemies!

And this is my reflexion abput the taxi sector, waiting for your comments!

Have a nice day!

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