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Courses April 2015

A new months, and a lot of cool courses to learn. I have join two of them.

The first one, about Twitter Bootstrap, a 3 weeks course where my objective is to increase my knowledge, starting 7th April 2015. Just for your interest, on this blog you can find several entrances, and I am writting more of this interesting framework!.

The second course is related to TypeScript, a language that end up transformed in Javascript, created by Microsoft. As you already must know, Javascript is the language I hate the most for programming, and even TypeScript has been created by Microsoft, I think it worth a try. The course is 6 weeks, starting 31st March 2015. Also, this day also start another cool course called  Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure, first part, for 3 semanas.

Another interesting course is Data Analisys: Take it to the Max(), where you only need a spredsheet.

There is also an Introduction to Big Data course, starting on 20th April:, and the course is focused on  MongoDB as a database server.

And if you want to learn SQL, here you have a free course: Also, you have a very nice post about how to start learning SQL: with the basic database operations using SQL!

And, that’s all!! Let’s keep learning!!

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