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MySQL server health: the error files


As I already wrote on previous entrances, modify a few parameters while configuring the MySQL server can raise Error 1067 Can’t Start the Server  (still in spanish but being publish soon).Thanks to this error, I improve the knowkedge about MySQL, config the server, performance … although the topics I like the most is database design. But, you have to keep on learning, haven’t you?

Navigating thrugh MySQL bugs

I would like to thank the MySQL error team because I could know good practices every MySQL DBA should follow due to the error log file. On previous entrances you could read about how useful can registry files be, becuase the health of your server is boing record on those files!

If you open the my.ini config file (located on Windows at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6), under the [mysqld], you need to specify where the error log will be saved:


Thanks to this parameter, you locate the error log file on a specific dir, you can named as you want and regularly, you can check wheather or not, the server has a problem.

And of course, after every change on the configuration file, and to be active the changes, you need to re-start the MySQL server by stopping (with NET STOP servicio_mysql) and starting again (with NET START servicio_mysql)! all done under a MS-DOS Windows console (Start / Execute / cmd ).

It is very useful to check periodocaly the error log file of your MySQL server!

Another issue is solving a concrete problem, because the message explaining a problem on MySQL server, sime times, are not very explicit but at least, you can be inform about the health of the MySQL Server!.

Have a nice day!!

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