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Solution to Error 1067 Can’t start the server on MySQL


As I already wrote here, a week later after reporting this bug (because I change the datadir property on the config file my.ini) I didn’t have a solution for error 1067 Can’t Start service on MySQL 5.6.10. Now, you can read how I solve it!!

How the error 1067 araise

If you would like to raise the error, jsut install a MySQL 5.6.10 server, and modify the path where data is saved on the config file. Easy!!

Error 1067

Error 1067 can’t start the service

Trying in a new machine

A pesar del error, uno siempre piensa que puede ser problema de la máquina. así que …. ¿que tal probar en alguna máquina sin ningún servidor MySQL instalado previamente? ¿No podrá fallar, no?

Lo más significativo es que he vuelto a reproducir el mismo error con una máquina virtual Windows XP SP3 donde no tenía absolutamente nada instalado!! Es decir, parece que el bug es reproducible! Además, no soy el único al que le ha pasado: un colegui alemán también informó del mismo error en un Windows 7 y Windows Server 2008 R2.

El link del fallo es este:

How I solve Error 1067 Can’t start the service

The clue for solving the error was given by [12 Mar 12:26] Sveta Smirnova!

Have you tried to start the server directly with no service?

It was strange, because I was receiving the message that I was modifying the incorrect file, but … it can’t be!! I checked several times!!!

Iniciar MySQL directamente

Starting MySQL directly

So, after using the right command, the server started, but when creating the servcice, the server raise the error. So, the problem was due to the creation of the service!

Let verify the server can be access corectly if it is started win no service, using HeidiSQL:

Verificando servidor MySQL

Using MySQL

Let stop the server with the command: mysqladmin -u root shutdown.

Parando MySQL

Parando MySQL

The service is not being created correctly

And … that’s where the error is. Creating the service should be done with a username not valid. It should be a local username, but the install process created the service with another user. So, let’s open services:



The Error 1067 Can’t start the service is due to the user that creates the service

Next, let open the MySQL service, where the problem is:

Servicio MySQL

Servicio MySQL

Move to the Start Session tab:

Usuario incorrecto del servicio MySQL

Usuario incorrecto del servicio MySQL

Modify the user:

Usuario para el servicio MySQL

Usuario para el servicio MySQL

Once the username is change, let start the MySQL service, and now it works!!

MySQL funcionando como servicio

MySQL funcionando como servicio

I hope it can be useful!

PD: thanks to this post (in spanish) I have received several emails giving me thank you for the solution, and for the working hours saved!

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