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Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox for Developers
Firefox for Developers

Firefox for Developers

A new browser for developer, and as a fan of Firefox, let’s dive into it, trying to figure out what’s new. the product is Firefox Developer Edition, and you can download it here:


One of the feature more useful is the sync between the same account into several devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) offered by Firefox, because this feature allows the user to configure one, and use several times, sharing links, passwords, …. easy for the user. It’s a feature started a few editions ago, and now it is even more decisive feature!

Privated navigation

Another feature I have liked a lot is private navigation. and if you don’t want to (and of course, you configure it), no password is stored. At first, I was a little bit confused for this, because every time I visited a link, I needed to write credentials all the time, and in some cases, wait for the SMS because of the double verification login. So, it’s up to you to config the browser to use this feature or not! Also, this feature was highly demanded by users, so here you are!

Firefox Developer Edition

The Mozilla fundation have spent a lot of effort in listening to their users, not only developers, and they put a lot of effort in having best tools for devs: a better console, and better tools for dealing with CSS and Javascrtipt (some one can miss the CoffeScript console, a feature you can find on Chrome).

I was surprised as well with all new options included for developers, such as dealing with colours, or have a shot of a full page. Also, on the Javascript editor, it’s very handy the tool for beautify the Javascript code.

Trying FirefoxOS

Another cool feature of Firefox Developer Edition is related to Firefox OS. I already publish some post about how install first Firefox OS versions, or how to install the new versions of Firefox (since Firefox 26). Now, you have WebIDE, the new name for the App Manager, although focued for developers and programmers (thank you!!). In my opinion, I don’t like very much all changes related to the name, but I’m pretty sure there is a reason for that (although I don’t know it!). By contrast to that, a code editor is included in the browser, CodeMirror IDE, to program Javascript, CSS and HTML5. The feature is really cool, because now, you can forget of using an IDE out of the browser.

Next Firefox versions

One of the feature more demanded by Firefox users is speed, and it have improved, and a new feature is Firefox Hello, an app included in the browsers for video comunication. In my opinion and as developer, I miss some features I find on other browsers, because, depending on what I need to work with, I move to a different browser (including IE). Also, I notice that some feature appear and dissapear from one to a new versions, and it’s something I don’t like!

So end with, I encourage you to try Firefox Developer Edition to get your own opinion about it, and although they are alpha versions, it’s where new feature are being testiong before being included to the normal Firefox browser.

Happy coding!


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