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Courses in May 2015

I am still finishing the two last courses I’ve done during march and april, related to Twitter Bootstrap and TypeScript (one week left), and yesterday I receive an email to a new course (I already signed in for it) called (the course is in spanish): Developing cloud services with HTML5, Javascript and Node.JS. This way I keep on learning web technologies. This course is the second of a series, where the first one is Develop HTML5 apps for Firefox OS, now starting 4th edition (I did the 1st edition).


This is my last discovery, and I will dedicate an entrance about it, in the next weeks: is a e-learning site dedicated to Big Data in spanish, where you can have very cool courses free or for a few euros. Recommended!

Python and GIS

Another course stating at the beginning of May is GvSIG and Python, and you have all information available here: . Another cool course if you need to work with maps using Python, and for automatizing takss in Geographical Information Suystems, GIS.

Searching with Google

This course is different to all courses I’ve talked here, and it’s very cool as well. I decided not to join it because I’m finishing a TypeScript course.

I don’t know how many time this weeb is up and running, but now you have a website where all #MOOC courses are in a single place, and in spanish: So, if you want to make a course, the best way is to visit this website and search for the courses you like!

And … that’s all for now!

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