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Twitter Bootstrap course on EdX


If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you will be aware that we have spent enough entrances talking about Twitter Bootstrap. Why? Because what it does, it does well (rather well !!), it is convenient to use, it’s customizable and makes your life much easy to those who does not really like the front-end issues (but there is no way out).

Although much of what I put here is based on my personal commitment to learn this framework, I has also been instrumental watch a lot of YouTube videos where there are examples of a lot of things. However, these small examples are only the beginning of what is Bootstrap.

Making the complicated, simple

There is no doubt that Bootstrap makes simple what it seems complicated, and as the product has matured, new functionality have also been added. And of courseusing Bootstrap force you to update your older browsers, especially Internet Explorer, to bring their potential and stop worrying resolutions, etc, etc,

The Bootstrap course on EdX

The course is available here, to do it at your pace (I did the first edition), but my biggest advice is to go slowly, because the concepts and examples are not fornewcomer, and at least you should know what Bootstrap is about.

The course is given by Microsoft, so the couse is really good. The examples and exercises are not basic ones, and it could be great if you code also with Javascript. You will be surprised how easy is to create modal forms or alerts just by using classes (well, Bootstrapt do but if you follow the “rules”), and of course, responsive design.

Next step to this course I watched Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap, available on Microsoft website. The series are 7 chapters of 1 hour each, and again, be slowly because the concepts are not for beginners. Maybe you can have the sensation that everything is too complex, or I’m pretty sure that I’d never use this or that, but you will realize how useful all explanations are and you increase your resources. Also, using Visual Studio is a must (you can try the Community versión) and you can have a lot of help with Boostratp snippets (and also saves a lot of time!).

Leaving PureCSS

As you, my dear reader can imagine, I quit of using PureCSS because it is not as complete as Bootstrap, and with this change I only need one framework to work with. Maybe it’s not perfect at the beginning and the learning curve can be seeep, but Bootstrap is what I need for my projects!

In the #Flask and static websites, I did the exercise using a Bootstrap template, and in a few minutes, you have the base for creating your project.

Happy conding!

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